What is Photo Booth City?

Photobooth City (PBC) is an affiliated website of EZ Photobooths, LLC ( which cater every photo booth owners’ needs. Through this community, anybody can freely post and share queries regarding any photobooth-related topics, get to meet and greet with other photo booth owners.

Who does PBC cater to?

Most members here in PBC are EZ Photbooth ( customers. But anyone can register to this website as well. As the saying goes, “the more, the merrier”.

What makes PBC stand out from the rest?

What makes this site unique is the <u>0.99 CENTs PHOTOBOOTH TEMPLATES</u> we give out to photo booth owners. YES, it is 0.99 Cents. We realized that a lot of sites charge a great price for photo booth templates, which discourages some owners to continue the business. With the 0.99 Cents we provide, we lessen your financial burden in buying those high-priced templates.

How can we get 0.99 Cents templates?

We are just an email away, so go on and contact us. Although we give priority to EZP customers, everybody are welcome to get these as well. For non-EZP customers, just contact us via email on how to get the templates for free.

How do I open the file I've downloaded?

The file is zipped. To extract it: 1) right-click on the downloaded file 2)click “Extract here”
From there, 3 files (PNG, PSD &amp; TXT which contains the parameters of the template) will be extracted.

Do you customize templates?

Definitely. We accept orders for template customization (charges may apply), just email us on the details to be done on the template. Rest assured, your expectations shall be met.

Do you have tech support to guide us when we have problems with the templates?

-Yes! All you have to do is set an appointment with us simply by clicking on the “Contact” on the bottom right corner of the the page.

For more questions, do not hesitate to email us.