Is it possible to switch between color, B&W and sepia when capturing videos?

You can do this using DSLR Remote Pro for Windows by selecting different picture styles in the camera e.g. the standard picture style for color video, the monochrome picture style for B&W and then define one of the user picture styles for sepia by setting the style to monochrome and the toning effect to sepia. You can then use touchscreen actions or the following keyboard shortcuts to select the picture style:
Ctrl+F1 – select the camera’s user 1 picture style
Ctrl+F2 – select the camera’s user 2 picture style
Ctrl+F3 – select the camera’s user 3 picture style
Ctrl+F4 – select the camera’s standard picture style
Ctrl+F5 – select the camera’s portrait picture style
Ctrl+F6 – select the camera’s landscape picture style
Ctrl+F7 – select the camera’s neutral picture style
Ctrl+F8 – select the camera’s faithful picture style
Ctrl+F9 – select the camera’s monochrome picture style
Please note: If you change the camera’s picture style it will also affect photos taken in stills photo booth mode

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