Tips and Tricks: How to promote your business with a BANG!

So here’s the case. Business permit, check! Photo booth equipment, check! Accessories and props, check!
Everything seems to be right except this, where are the customers?

Gaining customers is always an evident problem for the fresh entrepeneurs unless you’re one of those
lucky ones. The problem doesn’t even stop there, you should also find and develop different strategies on maintaining
the rate of your loyal customers to keep on booking events with you. Here are some of the few pointers on how to gain customers.

Let’s start with….

1. Word of Mouth

Referrals, referrals and referrals. This strategy never fails in making a business a success. If you have
provided your customers with a great service and more than the word “great” applies, then your customers
would not stop blabbering on the amazing experience they had during their photo booth sessions. Always make sure
you have given your utmost customer service and cusomers will surely remember you and keep coming back or better
yet recommend you to their friends and family. With this strategy, you can just sit down and let your customers do
the talking and marketing for you.

Don’t forget to carry enough business cards with you so you can hand them out to your customers’ friends during
the photo booth sessions.

2. Social Media

Of course, you should not keep on waiting when and where the “WORD OF MOUTH MARKETING” would take effect.
ALWAYS remember to BE PROACTIVE. In this new era wherein Facebook, twitter, pinterest and other social media have
been “THE TREND”, we must also blend in. Invest some time in making a various social media accounts.

Facebook gives you the option of boosting your page, blogs and posts but they come with a charge. You do not
need to pay this just to boost your page. Your pages will more likely gain great traffic when you’re company
is always tagged and hashtagged by your past clients.The tagging will do the marketing for you to their friends
and family about your service.
If your clients liked your service, there will be a good chance that the photos from your sessions will be made public by the owner which is a good chance that other people will see your service…… another marketing opportunity eh?

Tags and hashtags are not the only ways to gain traffic. Traffic also comes from how many people have visited
and viewed your posts and page. So always update your page by constantly posting your recent events/photos sessions making
sure that you have the client’s permission to post their photos on your page as there are others who are sensitive on this
issue. Your clients will most likely cannot wait to look for their photos online to view their faces and linger on the
experience thay had during the session so don’t let them wait for too long. Post their photos as soon as you can.
Or you may also make a interesting blogs, may it be photobooth-related blogs or your experience on your recent event.
Make sure these posts are not boring and worthwhile enough to view and read.

Lastly, always remember to create a consistent communication with your past and to-be customers. Make them feel your presence
by answering their queries and concerns. This will make your clients feel that you are approachable
and always there to help and guide them when problems arise, assuring them of a smooth service. Make sure to check your setting, letting
you receive notifications via email when someone sent you a message or posted a query on your social media accounts. You can just view and reply
to these queries in just a few clicks and taps on your mobile phone.

3. Public Social Events

This strategy refers to local Expos and Fairs. Make sure that you are always updated
with any upcoming expos near you. Fairs for bridal showers, wedding, kiddie birthdays, private parties, anniversaries and a whole lot more is a
great oppurtunity for you to meet potential clients. Don’t forget to work on your social skills as having a “shy and meek”
personality won’t work here. You’ve got go out there ang mingle.
Bridal and Wedding shows are the best. There are a lot of brides-to-be out there and will be your most probable potential

4. Partnership with Event Planners

Having an event coordinator as a partner will be a great advantage in your marketing strategy for you are
merely making your booth sells itself. When your partner has various events, he/she will call you and book you an event as well giving you no hassle of
advertising or doing the cold calling.
Find a potential partner that has a good and reliable event coordination background— an event planner that has a record of increasing rate of customers per year.

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